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you have to shoot them with small calibers so that they'll run out of the fields and die in the woods.....FWC says you have to leave them where they fall. So you don't want them to lay down in the field and die. thats a little trick i learned when i was younger and the farmers werepaying me5 bucks a deer to get rid of them

only thing i can suggest is....when you know he's out there call fwc and tell them that you think someone is deer hunting at night in ??????? area and that you've heard gunshots. If he hasn't called in and told them that he'll be out there and has a permit (which you're suppose to do) they'll come out and investigate, and if he doesn't have a permit or is breaking any laws then they'll get it straightened out. but chances are he has the permit and following the rules. nothing you can do about it if he wants to be a dick
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