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Oops, I forgot to take pics... Let me try to describe this to y'all.

Venison Medallions, Bacon and Veggies

First I cooked a large skillet of onions, bell pepper and garlic, in butter with plenty of crushed red pepper.
Sauteed perfectly, not soft-n-mushy, soft with a bit of crunch left to them.

Then in the same skillet 2lbs of bacon in 1lb portions weaved together, think double thick bacon mats.
Plenty of crispy crunchy around all the edges/ends, but the rest was well done with a nice meatiness to it.
None of that gross chewy fat left, all rendered out in the high heat.

And to top it off.
I heavily seasoned the medallions with Cajun and Seasoned salt.
I got all that bacon grease smoking hot and quick seared the medallions med rare.
OMGosh, all that seared goodness, wonderful flavor packed browned edges and juicy red inside,

A nice bite of each crammed into my mouth and grunting with immense satisfaction while chewing it down.
I ate till I was comfortably full and then had a nice Sunday siesta.

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that's an old carnival trick. you had me at BUTTER and ONIONS. I used to do that at the baseball park to make everyone hungry. sold over 80 burgers the first day. you gotta play the wind.
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