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We fished with Capt. Devlin out of Venice this past Sunday. The weather was beautiful, but the water was a little rough.We ran about 75 miles offshore.We were fishing live mullet and hardtails. We caught one little football, changed rigs brought up a 75lb fish, then nothing for a while. Capt announced the 15 minute warning and started live chumming, we see a big fellow crash one of the baits behind the boat but it wasn not one with a hook. A few minutes later the drag is screaming. After about 5 minutes of fight the second rod goes off. We now have two people in pain. Since there were six of us we passed the rods off so everybody could get a chance at seeing what a big boy felt like. After a while the 2nd fish popped off. After everybody else had had a chance I took over the remainig fish when he was at 175' down. This guy has no intentions of coming to the boat, after about 30 min I won the fight and we pulled him over the edge, about 150lbs.

What a day.


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