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Hey guys, just wanted to give yall a quick update on what's going on down here in Venice. First of all, there are plenty of unanswered questions regarding the spill and especially some of the technical engineering feats they are trying to accomplish down on the ocean floor. I wish those the best of luck and hopefully a prompt response time.

Now, due to the many unanswered questions, the media has definitely embellished to some extent, the severity of the spill and its impacts along Venice and the mouth of the river. Yes, the entire east side has been closed to both recreational and commercial fishing. I plotted the points of the spill and it appears to be roughly from South pass east-southeast to the original well site, then back north east towards Pensacola.

For anyone that may have upcoming offshore trips with anyone in Southeast Louisiana and is uncertain about the fishing, the best thing you can do is stay in contact with your respective guide, and not believe everything you hear on the news. Your guide will have first hand information and can give you up-to-date reports and conditions. For what it's worth, we all had a very good week last week with the tunas, while the oil continued to spill out. The fishing has been VERY good, and we will continue to go as permitted. We all continue to keep our heads up, and are working (when we're not fishing) with clean-up crews to preserve our precious gem of an ecosystem down here in Southeast Louisiana.

As the temperatures rise this week, from what I am told by some guys "in the biz," this will facilitate clean up as some degree of the oil actually evaporates off of the water. Also, these warmer temperatures will bring our dolphin (mahi-mahi) back, and summertime weedline/rip fishing will be in full swing here very soon. Blue water is a short ride out of both southwest and Tiger passes, and the fish are there and very hungry. Hope this alleviates some concerns any of you might have, and let's pray that this whole ordeal is resolved quickly.

-Captain Woody Woods
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