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Its been a while since I have had the pleasure of sitting down and typing a fishing report. We have just launched our new website Stop in and let us know what you think. Please don’t put to many red marks on it. Now for the fishing.
We have returned from pleasurable Overnight trip with Mr. Pitts and crew. We finally had some good weather to get out and spend the night with the offshore night life. After a short run we started the trip with a nice Wahoo. After trolling, chumming, jigging, and bribing the fish gods we found a hungry school of Black fin Tuna. The bite was good enough to dirty the ice and make the arms and the unused muslces ache. We then gave the Yellow Fin Tuna a good ole college try for a few long hours with no success. And with the next weather system forecasted to be approaching we chose to head in closer to shore to do some rig fishing on the way back to the dock. We made a few stops and caught a couple handfuls of nice Mangrove Snapper before using up our bait. The Red Snapper population is really good, we saw plenty of them eat the bait before the mangroves could get it. After a long night and a box of fish to clean we made our way back to the marina to watch the wind blow on stable ground. We look forward to the next weather window to get back out. Please contact us if your interested in booking your trip with us. Capt. Kevin Aderhold, 504-382-2108 or email us at
[email protected]


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