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Well I usually start my reports complaining about the weather, however this winter coming into spring has been pretty cooperative. I have been able to get out for most of my trips and have had very few cancellations due to weather. I fished last weekend, Feb. 28th and March 1st with some decent results.

Friday I had a group of five that were eager to catch wahoo and tuna. So, we made our way down Red Pass with wahoo in our sights early. With only one strike that was believed to be a wahoo by 11 a.m. and countless wraps trolling around different rigs, I decieded to cut our losses and switch the game to tuna fishing. The spot I had in mind was about 30 miles from where I was, with a couple of rigs between to hit for tuna or wahoo as well, which did yeild us a solid 30 lb yellowfin on the troll. We made a couple more wraps around the rig and with no takers moved along to our final destination. Before I apoached the spot all the way my sounder was lit up pretty good so I started my drift there. There was plenty of life; you pretty much watched every piece of chum get eaten by a king mackeral, shark, or bonita. We put a few kings and bonitas in the boat for some grade A chum and turned our focus to the tuna. First bait back, we hook up and land a big blackfin. That was easy! Send another bait back and this time it's defently a yellowfin. With all the sharks in the water I knew we had to land this fish fast or he will get eaten so I put some heavy drag on him. As we are trying to burn this fish to the surface it was apparent that somthing was eating him, needless to say that fight didnt last much longer. We hooked up 6 or 7 more only landing one pre chewed yellowfin and another big blackin. It was getting late I was not liking the idea of feeding sharks these big beautiful tuna fish so we headed back to the barn with two yellowfin and two blackfin.

Saterday I had a group of 4 that had never caught yellowfin before and couldn't wait to see what it was all about. I decided to start today where I ended the day before. The tuna were defently still there and there wasnt a shark in sight. I had a good feeling about the day from the get go because it was the 4th day after the front and the day before another front. That's two times I want to be fishing! It didn't take us long and we had 8 yellowfins in the boat. It was still early and the guys had more tuna than they needed so we decided to see what else we could get into. We found a nice rip or weed line and trolled it hoping to pick up a bonus wahoo. No strikes on the rip so we worked our way in with plans on having early cocktails. We did stop at one last rig and picked up a nice amberjack on a jig along with a few smaller ones we released.

The fishing is the most consistent I've seen it this year, now would be a great time to book a trip with Champion Charters. Contact me for trip booking and special offers today!

Capt. Chandler Cataldie
36' Yellowfin Trip Yamah 350
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