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Veal Stuffed Peppers
Parmesan Risotto

Brown 2#s of Veal

Saute 1C onions, 1T garlic and 1/2C bell pepper and then add to veal
Add 1/4C minced Italian Parsley and 1C cooked white rice to veal
Mix well

Line a baking dish with a thick layer of marinara
Pack veal into halved/seeded peppers and pack into dish
Fill crevices with more marinara and then top with Parmesan Reggiano
Cook at 350' till piping hot

Saute 1/2C onion and 2t garlic in 3/4 stick of butter until onion is softened
Add 1t salt
Add 2C rice and saute for a few minutes over medium heat
Add 1/2C of chicken broth/stock and stir till absorbed, repeat every 5 minutes until you've added a total of 6C of chicken broth/stock
All the while you've been stirring almost constantly, this painful labor of love will slowly yield that creamy delicious risotto
Add 1C shaved Parmesan Reggiano and stir well

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