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We've had this trailer for as long as I can remember. Close to 25+ years. Its pretty damn sturdy! Made for a good debris hauler and we only ever had plywood on it, With 2x it would probably be quite a bit stronger. Its rusty, would need sandblasted and repainted to be "pretty". But structurally sound! Uses a 2" ball.

MAKE OFFER! I'll empty the scrap wood on it, or you can take it!

Funny story to go along with it, last time it was used was about 7 years ago, and it had a plywood floor and sides on it for debris and construction clean up. Had a few layers of plywood on the deck just b/c thats where they ended up. It sat for about a year full of leaves and underbrush. Well, it made it to the dump just fine. til we started to empty the damn thing, then we started falling threw the floor. When we left the dump, there was nothing but a metal frame left! Not to mention, we had to clean up the parking spot at the perdido landfill...It was quite an adventure for two 16/17 year olds! Gave several people a good laugh!

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