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We had a great time at the West/RFRA flea market. Met several PFF'ers, chatted, joked, laughedbut didn't sell much, actually only $6.00. Oh well, I consider it good advertising. Nobody goes to a flea market to buy a diesel engineor a power windlass. Last flea market, folks who saw the stuff I have passed the word and I had several people come over and buy.

Anyway, my 15' flatbed trailer is still loaded and will stay that way unless you come and get something or the next flea market at West Marine/Old Boat US Oct 27.

I had a "Donation" Table with free stuff with a donation to RFRA, for a wake board, one scuba tank and some other stuff we collected only $12.00:boo

If you want some of this stuff for 10 - 25% of new cost, give me a call 850-572-1225

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