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Decided to hit Blackwater Baythis morning and not go back to yesterdays spot on Escambia, don't like banging the same fish 2 days in a row; they're skiddish enough!

Beautiful morning, light wind. I edged the spartina grass dropping the power pole every 50 yds or so, throwing Gulp jerkbaits again. NADA; changed to Poppa dog jr, topwater,and 1st cast brings me my 1st striper, 15", i don't know the freshwaterregs and my freshwater license expired so i threw him back;My phone pic was useless!

Hopped around the bayou, saw some movement in the water but no strikes, water temp appeared about 2-3deg lower than in Escambia yesterday, 68deg at noon.

Ipitched a combination of topwater, mirror lure 2000, gulp jerkbaits and gulp shrimp at most every spot.

Got bored, shifted tactics, got back in a tidal creek on an incoming tide, picked a spot, put the power pole down started dumping and pitching my favorite inshore chum mixture.

It brought me some bait fish and I could hear and see some slashing down stream, so i started a slow drift till i got close.....Whamm...Wham...Wham, the fight is on and up out of the water splashing around comes a 42" Gar, 1st time I've seen a arial from a gar!

Hooked on 10lb braid with 15lb florocarbon,. Jighead w/Gulp Jerkbait;I was sure I would lose her...but no...she was hooked in the cheek just in back of her jaw. Anyway, got her inthe boat, snapped some pics, and she flips down into my bilge, now I've got a toothy critter that I've got to get out through a small opening????

I had a small gaff, used a pair of pliers to hold her nose closed, and heaved her , UP, OUT, and OVER the side in one move, i made sure the gaff was barely catching the hard iside of her bill so i didn't hurt her.

BTW, how did i know it was a her, she dropped about2 handfuls of eggs all over my deck which was a pain in the neck to clean up after being stepped on!!:doh :nonono:nonono

No reds, no specs, this fishing is funny business!!I am guessing the salinity is down and being right off the river where I was, there may have been too much freshwater today from the recent rain.

Have fun guys!

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Great report. Man...I bet that gar was a great fight:bowdown good job, I know I have seen some monsters in there:banghead
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