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This is the first place we've stayed w/ WIFI since St. Augustine.

Hope everyone made it through the bad weather OK.

Made Manatee pocket in Port St. Lucie in 11 hours. 177 miles in the ICW. Seas were over 6' in the Atlantic. Probably at least 30 miles of no wake zone. Stayed at Pirates cove marina, left 10/16 @ 7am. Had a soft grounding leaving the big deal the wind blew us off. The locks on either end of the Okechobee waterway only have two lockages a day 10am and 3pm. Couldn't make it to the WP Franklin lock by #pm so we stopped about 15 miles from the lock @ LaBelle Fl. FREE dockage at the city dock. Power and water. Walked to a supermarket and got tuna steaks, Grilled on the dock. Best I've ever had.

10/17-Left Labelle dock @ 8am to make the lock @ 10am. Cruised about 10kts. Our goal was to make Clearwater. Stopped at Boca Grande for fuel. Left Boca Grande pass at 1pm. Good to be in the Gulf!!! It was like a lake glassy smooooothe... About 66 miles to Clearwater?????????????????? How bout Cape San Blas????

Plotted a course for Cape San Blas 240 miles.......Changed our heading after some fuel calculations. Made for Cape San Blas/ Port St. Joe. ETA 1145am est

Seas built to 4-5 by the time we arrived, almost 12 hrs after leaving Boca.

Spent the night on the hook behind the cape.

Came across the bay to Port St. Joe Marina to fuel. Our Calculations were spot on. That was pushing her limit at 23kts allowing for a 10% reserve.

We would have, made P'cola today had it not been for the weather. Mom just called and said Bahia Mar got hit as well as the Yacht club. Hope everyone is OK. Boats and buildings can be replaced. But I really hate to see torn up boats.

We'll be in P'cola tomorrow afternoon. Took lots of pics. will post when I get home.

God Bless everyone. Weather the storm safely..

Jiggin Finatic
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Glad to see all is well.
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