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Tying grouper/snapper rigs

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A good quick video on rigging for grouper/snapper
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should have pulled back a little with the camera while videoing.
that's the way i do it, but if you're learning, that vid won't help.
you can't see all of the technique.

The knots he is tying are fairly simple and straight-forward but I wish people would learn that when you are teaching knots on video, you need to use line or cord that actually shows up on film. A colored cord that contrasts with the background.

Also, tie the knot and then do a 'voice over' of what you want to convey to people....not some 'stream of consciousness' type instruction as you are doing it.
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Lost me at the start because I always snell a circle hook and use a palomar (double) to swivels. Here is a great video for a proper snell knot that also reveals some good video technique.
This knot, when tied correctly, actually aids the design of the hook.

Don't give up. That is a good effort.
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i remember losing a few good size fish when i was practicing the snell.
it's a great knot if you tie it correctly. one wrong turn and you've lost fish. the vid of how to tie one really does a good job.

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