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Tuna and marlin at the rigs 11-17-07

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Left OB Saturday morning at 9:30. First stopwas to make bait at the rigs. Did so and saw a few small yellowfin busting. Trolled for a few minutes and picked up 2 smallones then headed on. Next stop saw plenty of big fish busting but could not get a bite while trolling. Chunked and live baited aftersunsetto no avail. Moved on to the next rig and it was on. Landed 6 yellowfin up to 100# before relaxing for the evening. Seems the yellows quite when the moon went down. Blackfin would hit the diamond jigs as it hit the water they were so thick. Next morning 3 more yellows were added to the box. While live baiting, a 150# blue eats one of the ballyhoostill in the water. Fight lasted for aminute orsobeforechaffing the leader. He stayed on top greyhounding the whole time he was hooked up. Fun to watch! Got out the biglures outand trolled around a few rigs only to get hit by cudas. Plenty of nice blue water so we tried for some wahoo closer in, only to catch more yellowfin. Great ride in with the 2' following sea. Back in OB Sunday at 2:00. A great trip with good friends.

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Talked with your captain on this trip. Great ride and great guy. Glad you had such a good trip.
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