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Headed out to the Trysler Grounds last saturday to do a couple quick dives to try an pick up some bugs. Got close to our first dive spot and tossed a couple baits in to troll while we got our gear ready. In the first 5 min of baits being in the water BAM! The stretch goes off. Got it up close to the boat and realized its a BFT! :thumbup: Great start to the day. Anchor up and dive in at our first spot. Picked up a MONSTER spiny and a couple shovelers and a couple grouper. realize when we get to the top though one of the shovelers had escaped.:thumbdown: Head to the next spot and run into a school of decent size chicken dolphin and pick up a few of those. Anchor up and dive our second spot and find 2 more MONSTER spiny's even bigger than the first one and another couple shovelers, and a nice mangrove. All in all great day out on the water and were back in perido pass by 3 o'clock.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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