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Troy built tiller

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Troy built tiller for sale. 5 horse (pony) has not been used in 2 years but started on the 2nd pull then. 100.00. We are going through a lot of stuff after my dad passing and I am moving in with Carol so I have a lot of things I am going to be getting rid of for sale or giving away.
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I would like to buy the tiller!

I will be out of town for about a week or two...


Consider it sold if it has not already!

and very sorry to hear of your loss...

this time of year is tough enough thinking about all your loved ones passed :angel
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Sold, will let you know when it will be there.
Looks like I'll be bringing back a trailer load of stuff for James on Sunday.
Not that much, maybe? Scott is my best friend and a brother and offered to help move some of this stuff and I thank him for it. He is making a 245 mile trip and turn around to haul this stuff. Thank you Scott. (Family)
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