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Well, here are some pics ofmy adventures I had back at home with my School buddies.

I did have a pic of one of the under water cave that feeds saltwater to it. Caught some small Redfish out of that one. I forgot my camera in the truck a couple of times. Next time I will put it in my pocket. We had to hike through the woods and marsh to get to one of the, as I call (saltwater springs) about 30 min later with a cooler and fishing poles and tackle, we got to it.

It was slow to start, I caught a baby Red first off, Than we made a wagerwho could catch the biggest fish. So it was on, The beer started to flow and the lines were out. After about a hour of trash talking and a 12 pack later the tide finally started coming in. You could tell because the water in the corner of the pond began to boil.

The fish started bitting. Lets just say, I won the bet. As for the hunting side of the trip. Up in that area they run dogs so it was a crappy time trying to still hunt when dogs are running and scare'n up the deer. Saw couple from about 500 yards with only their ass's in the air running. But anyway had a great time with friends, I have know since 2nd grade.

The camp

Black Drum

Me and Doc

One of the fishing holes

Ozello Road

Crystal River

Near the mouth of the river near shell island It was high tide so you can't see all the oyster bars and rock piles.

Thats looking south thats where the Mangrove line starts!!

Next time I go I will have a boat and will head to the mangrove creeks.
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