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Anyone have any issues with this stuff, specifically in casting reels? I spooled up an Abu 6000 with 15lb line. Went out to 3MB yesterday and wasn't able to make a single cast without this line backlashing really bad on me. No matter what I set the brake at or bait weight, it would birdsnest really bad. I also spooled up some spinning reels we took as well, and the line kept wanting to unravel off the spools. Made a crappy day of fishing even more frustrating. I gave up on the Abu after 5 casts, and it almost got put at the bottom of the bay. :furious:

This can't be normal? First time I've used Big Game, as I normally would use Ande (with never an incident). Anyone have an idea what would cause such an issue with the line?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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