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Trailer tongue extension

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Yep, ugliest trailer hitch yall have ever seen. However, this modified hitch now gives me the opportunity to slide the trailer itself back an additional 8 feet at the ramp and I now no longer even get a tire wet. This is a common practice in Hawaii as the seastate usually causes some surges at the marina ramps which usually will soak your rear end and/or bumper on a rougher day. After doing this numerous times (still washing down the rear hardware on the Tahoe), I still had my rear brakes and exhaust pipes deteriate much more rapid then they should have. So I broke out the wallet and did like the locals do and buy this extension. Cost was around $600 over there to have it done and now I stay high and dry.

Don't know if there is a need here in FL and even if any trailer shop would even perform such a weld job. However if there are any of you still dunking yall's vehicles in the drink just to get your boat to float off of the trailer, this may be a good idea for ya.

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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