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TITLEWAVE bottom bumping report for 10-10-2007

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Decided to bottom fish rather than tuna fish this wekeend.May have been a mistake as it looks like the tuna where biting if you made it out. I really wanted to run my own boat this weekend after having the new tower work down to test ride her out as well as fish her. we headed out saturady early to try our luck, calling the biat boat right after we left the dock . For some reason i though he said he would be outside the pass , and not in so i ripped off out the pass only to discover he was inside the pass 2 miles back. I decided to ditch the live bait and fish on , so we flew off into confused 2-4 foot seas. A few out out it became apparent that the the weather report was way off as the seas continued to build to a steady 4 ft. Before making it to the fish area, i so a huge mark so i turned back aand got on the spot and dropped the ole trust butterfly jig. Instant hook up which i quickly handed off to my sea sick buddy. He wore the fish out quickly and up popped the first and last grouper of the day right around 20#.After the battle my buddy basically froze sea sick in his bean back for the next 9 hours with out moving.

We continued to fish the spot cathing some nice red snappers which all went back and a nice trigger beofre moving to the intended spot. The plan was to anchor over a ridge and chum, which we did to limited success as the anchor wouldnt hang where we wanted .None the less we anchored near the ridge and began jigging hooking up instantly on huge jacks that followed each otehr to the boat where the hung. At one point we had a triple hook up jigging, and just plan wore ourself out catching 25 to 40 pound Jacks till we just couldnt take it anymore. We boxed our four man limit on monsters and pulled the hook in search of grouper around 10:30.

We spent the next couple of hours bumping from spot to spot catching nothing more than huge jacks and the very rare American Red Snapper, every where we went ? although it is fun to catch the Jacks , after a while you just dont want to drop again knowing you have to reel up another jack. We finally ended up in two hundred feet of water looking for scamp and or grouper cathcing nothing. So we doubled back inshore toward home about 7 miles and tried a spot for beeliners. We got into the fat watermelons as i called them and boated 40, so we had some sort of a meat haul. The seas at this point had finally laid down and we were able to run back at top speed arriving just after dark. We ate fried grouper dinner @ Pier 77's hook and cook , and man was that good. Finished the night off watching the MMA fights on Showtime with a few brewski's. Still kind of wish i had tuna fished , but i am glad to have finally ran my boat. Took no pictures sorry guys
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Well with the exception of your seasick compadre it sounds like an awesome day. Good job on those donkeys I know how sore you can get working butterfly jigs and hauling up AJs. You'll get another good shot at the tunas on another day.
where do you fish out of. and yes jigging is a kick in the pants. it's a hoot.

You know I hate to say I told you so, but...we should have hit the rigs this weekend!

I know , i know.........sorry buddy . I caught a ton of fish and used my boat so all wasnt lost:moon
Nice report and I hear ya about not wanting to drop back down in fear of another aj hitting a lure:reallycrying Those pesky,endangered,nearly extinctARS can be a real pain as well! But hey,ya got to fish on your own boat so thats a plus. Good feeling ain't it:letsparty
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