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I am going to offer yall a little jewel of advice from deep within the success stories back at the PrimeTime Plantation. Those of you who looking to come and hunt with me would do wise to take me aside and ask where such a spot is located. I cannot tell stress enough to people how important it is to get OFF the greenfields if they are looking for a good buck. Do bucks feed on greenfields? Of course they do, but it is often at night. They do not get 140 inches of antler by feeding during the morning and afternoons when a seasoned old buck KNOWS there are hunters out on the most obvious, easy places to hunt. Come rut-time however, for those of us who even get one (we hardly do), bucks will gravitate to where the most does are, which is usually a greenfield, and this is when you will observe more bucks on your greenfields. We have a lot of military personel come hunt from year to year and one of them brought a pair or nightvision binoculars with him. I immediately seized them and went and sat on one of our more productive fields from 6pm until 11pm and was amazed at how many more bucks come out at night...right out in the middle of the greenfields, not even on the fringes like they sometimes do! Although those of you who personally know me know that I hunt by my own "sleep and peep" strategy, which is best suited for greenfield hunting, I honestly hate hunting greenfields when I really want a buck. Many times, the best hunting is 20-30 yards off a greenfield in open pines or whatever you might have surrounding a greenfield. These staging areas present deer an opportunity to observe a field with muchmore stealth and visual accuity than they would as if ahuman (or any animal, really) were on the greenfield trying to peer into the woods. As a result, many deer (bucks and does) will hang off just inside the woods and let a few brave souls walk out and get first dibs on the delicious greens. Next time you're out, see if you can't set up a climber several yards off a greenfield-particularly if it is somewhere between a bedding area and a greenfield, and you will probably see much more deer. Also, this brings me to my next topic of hardwood bottoms. This is another area which is often thick with both mature timber and young saplings, providing much cover and in turn, confidence and safety, to deer moving through there. Our deer that I see in timber are MUCH less shy than the deer I see on greenfields. Deer are also naturally lazy animals, and will often walk an entire fenceline just to cross where a few old crossmembers have sagged as opposed to just jumping over a healthy stretch of fence. Same with a creek. I have noticed that the most narrow parts of creeks we have running throughout our property have the most tracks on them. Deer can very easily clear a road in one bound if they choose to. But why not walk a creek for a little bit, nibbling on acorns here and there, and then cross at the most narrow part? I have often observed from the few cold days that we get each year (and I mean FEW) that bucks will often first show themselves on the northeast side of a ridge in the morning, presumedly to sun themselves. Another tip, when appropriate if hunting someone else's property, ask to take a look at a map and ask to be shown areas which have not been hunted in several seasons, if applicable. Once again, do not underestimate deer's intelligence; you will often find sign and game galore in these areas with little to no pressure. For this very reason, we rotate fields which we plant every couple of years; and we also keep entire sections of our property off limits to 4wheelers or even walking around and shooting "critters." Hope this facilitates some of yall in bagging a great, respectable buck this year, be it atany place you hunt.
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