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Headed out kinda late, out the pass at around 8am, stopped by the bait boat. Wind was out of the northeast. Started out, and sears were kinda rough.. 4fters and choppy, not rolling, and they were coming out of the ssw. We were heading out due south from the pass. After a few miles of gettign wet and beat up, we turned and headed side sea to the sw. We hit out first spot 20 miles or so from the pass, and started throwing20" snapper back one after another. NowI fished this hole couple of weeks ago in teh rodeo, and didnt even get a bite, so they for sure know season is closed. Afterno grouper bites, and flippershowing up, we had the boat discussion. Do we head on out, and hope the seas lay down as NOAA forecasted,hit some spots on theway back toward shore. We decided to head towardshore. Firstcouple of stops were only a couple of miles to the NE, no grouper bites, and more snapper.Picked up a few fish we can use as bait. We moved to another hole, and sent down 1 butterfly jig, 1 big bait, 1 live cig, 1 two hook squid. AJ slammed thebig bait but broke the line. Put on bigger leader, 3 big baits left.Got this aj to the boat, 2 inches too small. I think the next bait, wound up in the water, and not on the hook somehow. Finally a good hook up, and we pull a nice little 30#r on the deck. We slid off, picked up about 15 more nice baits and came back, but the aj's would have nothing to do with them, not even a bite. We did get a just legal scamp in the boat though and a coupleof small trigger and a couple of black snapper. Stopped by a couple more holes on the way to the beach with nothing worth mentioning. Got back to my inshore number, and anchored up. Put out a chum block, just cause we had 1. Started catching bull sharks and 1 nice sized atlantic sharpnose. our 2 hook man was bailing white snapper 2 at a time, so we proceeded to catch white snapper till about 7pm. As the sun was setting i put out the lights in the water to see if anything would show after the red tide. caught a nice 8" squid, but the schools didnt show up as normal. All in all we had a bunch of fish, 1 30#aj, 2 trigger, 2 black snapper, a few small mingos, and about 40 white snapper, and 2 scamp. could have been worse I guess. Me, Bill, Greg and Jimmy had a good time out on the water though.
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