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tilt issue

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So after pushing out from johnsons beach the other day the motor wouldn't go down...however went up just fine. I pressed the switch up and down and it would go up but not down. Hydraulic motor sounded fine and I looked at everything and no obvious problem. Eventually it was tilted up as far as it would go and after a few minutes of pushing the down switch repeatedly motor started to go down...I held the switch until motor was all the way down.

Now when I push the up switch it goes up for maybe one press in three...and down switch works for maybe 1 press in 50.

Any ideas what's going on? Seems like maybe a bad switch to me since the hydraulics sound normal...but I didn't think switches could go bad like that. Anything else I should look for before I go out and buy a new switch?

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If the motor has a switch on the cowling try it, both directions. If, as you said the initial problem was it would not go down, but would go up, it could be a relay. If it isn't going up or down now and the motor is turning I would check the trim fluid level and for water in the resivoir. If you can hear the relays clicking when you hit the switch, then the switch is ok. Relays are fairly easy to change, depending on the make of the motor.
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