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Tiger Wrap

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I just tried a wrap called a tiger wrap on a rod I am building for someone this is just a trial run the finished product will be longer a look neater tell me what you think.
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that's pretty cool lookin'!... alot better than i can do!:bowdown
looks good Seminole. i have not tried a tiger wrap yet. How many coats did you put on the first wrap to get the effect. It looks awesome!!
The last one looks great.You've got to work on your photography skills a little though.:poke
Glory I did not put any finish on the wrap at all just wanted to see if it would turn out before I tried one with the finish. I am going to start anothe rod tonight and think I will try it with the finish I will post the results. Have you tried the wraps I sent you the email on?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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