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I am selling this for a friend getting out of offshore fishing. He's getting older and while there's a will, his body is getting in his way. Most of this equipment has been stored for a while and could use a good cleaning/oiling but, mechanically, it all appears to be in good condition. I have not cleaned any of it - it looks just like it did when I pulled it out of his storage yesterday. If I take the time to service it all and re-spool everything, the price is going up.

I want to sell this equipment AS A LOT. I do not want to break it out, if at all possible. The price is the price - if you only want to take a few items, you are still going to have to pay for the whole lot! There is some great equipment here - there is also some 'not so great' equipment here. Try to see the good through the bad and avoid negative comments.


Below is a (more or less) itemized list:

1 - Tiagra 80w (spooled) on a fully custom-built, full roller guide (FRG), 5'8" rod. Very good condition.

1 - Tiagra 80w (spooled) on a 5'6", AFTCO 60 - 100 class Tuna Stick, FRG, straight butt. Very good condition.

1 - Shimano Spheros I4000FA Spinning Reel on a 7' Ugly Stick. Very good condition (tags still on it).

1 - Penn 850 Spinning Spinning Reel on a 7' Ugly Stuck. Very good condition.

6 - Penn 4/0 Reels on Ugly Sticks or on various Penn Rods - all are on 6'6" rods. Rods are in good shape and reels are rough. They all work fine but they were outside in covered storage so they could use a good cleaning and new line. These would be great starter combinations for someone wanting to get decent snapper equipment for a very low price. I would think sold individually, they'd bring $50 each because of their looks. Otherwise, mechanically, they are in good shape. They might even be able to be buffed out and look better.

1 - AFTCO 5' rod with missing butt. FRG, 80lb class rod. Looks almost new.

1 - AFTCO 5'6" FRG, Tuna Stick, 30 - 50 lb class. Looks almost new.

1 - Shimano Talavera Rod - 7'. Good shape.

1 - Custom Spinning Rod - 7'. Decent shape. Fully custom.

1 - 6' Gold Gaff. A little bent but in decent shape.

This is used equipment that has been stored for a few years. ALL OF IT could use a good cleaning and re-spooled (except the 80ws - they appear to have decent line).

I can be reached by text or email. I will meet the buyer at the Greer's on 193 (Bailey's Corner) heading to Dauphin Island. I will take cash - nothing else. First come, first served. I will not hold this equipment.

I can be contacted at:

[email protected]

Thanks for your interest.


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