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Put in on the Gulf Breeze side of 3 mile and hit up a few dock lights for trout. I landed 1 under size one, 2 keepers and my buddy got a keeper flounder. Headed on over to the bridge and anchored up a few 100yds out in between both bridges. Fish were hitting the surface in all directions. If anyone needs to load up on fatty menhaden, head out to the bridge. I lost count at around 50 white trout and wanted bigger ones so I went out to the first hump. Started catching plenty of 15inchers and released a ~30in bull red on 10lb. I had a few white trout on a stringer and a pack of reds moved in to take a look. It was neat to see them pushing wakes in 20ft of water in the lights. I'm heading back tonight if anyone wants to go.
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