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Just wondering if anyone from the PFF would be interested in going in on the property with a buddy and I, To make it more cost effective.

We are going to get it, but splitting the cost would be nice, do to the fact that I have heads up on some property here in north west Florida that I want and am going to get as soon as I get the word

This is 660 miles away,11 hours; but it has some big deer in the area. I hunted about 1 hour from this property with Fishingoversex on his private land this past fall and seen several nice bucks, but he said mature and I respected his wishes, but they was some big 8's. He said that they would be ready next year and if I see them this fall he said I could shoot. But it would be nice to have some other land in the area.

Looking for 3-4 people it would be $1100 each, like I said I am going to take it do to the fact that my buddy and I can go up and have a place to stay, and hunt.


Here is a description of the land.......

We have some beautiful hunting land in Wolfe County Kentucky. Probably one of the best spots in Eastern Kentucky if not the whole state. We have approximately 750 acres on one plot with 2 cabins; one with electric and one without, propane and natural gas heat. No running water in cabins, but facilities available on the farm for showers and bathing.

Both cabins have outhouses.

This property is approximately 8 miles off the Mountain Parkway. At these locations there are, elk, deer, turkey, pheasant, rabbit, coyotes and brown bears.

Located in a wet county. Within 8 miles there are liquor and beer stores and convenient marts.

Property is located within 45 minutes to Natural Bridge and Red River Gorge.

This is as good as it gets. Clean and nice, but still hunting and rugged.

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The property is in Zone 3, some flat land but hilly to steep, I will be getting some Satellite images and ground pictures soon.

As for the harvest it has not been hunted in 4 years.

Sorry Woods Oaks,maples,poplar,walnut, big hard woods and it has 50 acres of crop land corn.

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ive hunted Breathitt County KY, which neighbors Wolfe county, and it was a blast! It is very hilly and mountainy but very good hunting. I will tell you that it is def not as good as the hunting in west KY but it is still really great! I shot at a 135-140in 8pt with my bow.. there were a few deer that were seen and shot at that were in the 170s. The property that i was hunting owned the rights to the number 4 all time black powder buck(232 3/8 nontyp)in KY and the number 1 buck deer in KY for the '90-'91 deer season. If i wasnt already hunting IL i would go in with you but i cant afford another out of state hunt.

here is the best deer density map i could find for the state.. wolfe county is in the southeast region

<H2>Kentucky?s Highest Deer Concentrations</H2>

Top counties and the number of deer a square mile

Bluegrass Region</U>

Owen: 47

Anderson: 46

Gallatin: 44

Shelby, Boone: 43<U>

Purchase Region</U>

Crittenden: 33

Ballard: 25

Livingston: 22

Fulton, Hickman: 20<U>

Northeast Region</U>

Bracken: 32

Robertson: 29

Boyd: 28

Greenup: 18

Magoffin, Carter: 16<U>

Green River Region</U>

Webster: 21

Logan: 20

Union: 19

Ohio: 17

Allen, Hopkins: 16<U>

Southeast Region</U>

Green: 21

Clinton: 18

Jackson, Knox: 14

Cumberland, Estill, Knott, Powell, Taylor, Wolfe: 12

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If I didn't have an open invite to hunt KY for free. I would Jump in. Nice deer in the area and decent Black Bear to. Good luck.

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Hey call me, I am heading up to my property in a couple weeks and if you want to go look at that lease let me know and you can ride with me, then we can check it out for you.
But before you commit you have a place to hunt, I only made it up to my land 3 times last year. David shot an 8 point when I took him, I wish he had waited because that 10 point came past him 5 minutes after shooting.Next year the deer would have been a lot nicer.

I think you let this one walk, but call me before you lease.

Field dressed he when 201 LBS, scored 130

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