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I'm going to list these on CL this morning, but I wanted to give you guys first crack at them. I'm located in Navarre.

$200 ea

Vintage (but brand new) Ryobi AP1300 Rapid Start thickness planer. Planer is SOLD... Sure was hard to part with a spare new planer :(

Pictures speak a thousand words. Please read the reviews on the Ryobi. Apparently the AP1300 is a much better unit than the currently produced 1301. The box the blades are in has never been open. It came with a package deal that I bought with a drill stand and I already have a Rigid planer, so I don't need this one.

I don't know if you guys remember the husky thread or not, but I was in the process of building a large dog house for him before we had to get rid of him. I have nearly $200 in materils in this turd and would just like to get my money out of the materials. I've included a list of materials used so far in case anyone says there no way you have that much in that dog house. Here's the details:

Large “Custom Doghouse”. Doghouse was being built for a rescue husky we also had to give up due to its constant howling at night L The doghouse is built out of 2x6’s and has 3/4” plywood flooring. 2 ¾” exterior screws were used to make all joints and no treated wood was used in the building, so your dog will not be exposed to trapped harmful chemical vapors. I’ve included a “not to scale” drawing with the dimensions drawn in. The house is not finished but will be to new owner’s specifications. My plan was to build a doghouse to breath and remain cool in the summer. To do this, I was going to staple screen to the box form to keep out mosquitos and then deck over the screen with weathered fence panel materials (less chance of chemicals). The house sits on treated 4x4 (included) posts to protect it from wood destroying pests. As I have pretty close to my asking price in materials tied up in this thing, I ask that the buyer buy the remainder of materials to complete their custom look. If my idea suits you, I will only need the screen material to complete it. If you would rather have a traditional dog house, you will need to provide two 4x8 sheets of whatever material you would like to cover the outside with. I’ll be more than happy to finish the project up for you either while you wait or within a day of receipt of the materials to complete the job (painting and trim work excepted). At this point, it will also be possible to insert a dog door entrance to keep the mosquitos out, but it will need to be provided as well. My price is the same whether I finish the project or you finish the project, but you’re certainly welcome to take it as is…
List of materials used so far:
5- 12’ 2x6’s
1 4’x8’x3/4 plywood (only used half, but was smarter to buy whole sheet)
1 4’x8’x1/2” roof sheathing
2 lbs. 2 3/4” exterior screws
1 roll roofing felt
2 packs roofing shingles
1 lb 3/4" roofing nails
1 lb 2" roofing nails for crown
1 lb of button cap nails for felt
1 4"x4"x8’ treated post (foundation)


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