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Just got word that they announced the final standing of the king of the bay tourney .
Cobe killer-Hollywood {Cliff} took first place with his 45.6# king followed by Bill menges which he caught yesterday right next to us , a 34.5 # smoker and third Caddy yakker {dustin} with his 33# caught if course from his kayak. At one time yesterday we had all three of us lined up fishing which was just to fun. This year was a good tourney for kings for us we had alot of action and missed and hooked some much larger fish but finished with 47 kings over 15# which most were studs Cliff caught a 45#, 37#{ which we had a double header on and i had to get a rod which as you know dissqualified the fish}a 32# ,31# 2-30#, 2-29# , 3-28# , 2-27# , 4-26# which we weighed in and let go quite a few 20 + # fish, we realesed everything else to grow up so we can fight again, Cliff stayed busy as the desinated angler reeling in a bunch of fish over the last couple weeks.I just wanted to say congrats to all the other anglers and great fishermen that fished this tourney . But a big congrats to HOLLYWOOD the KING OF THE BAY!!!!!!!!!​
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