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A fellow hunter turned me on to this book several years ago. It was written back in the 1890s and printed around the turn of the century. It has sooooo many good old-school tips and techniques that all turkey hunters should be aware of. Beginner turkey hunters should start here. Starting with about page 170 thru 218 (or so), thereis some awesome turkey hunting literature. I love pages 188 - 191...the whole chapter really.

When I read it for the first time, it amazed me how even after over 100 years of advancements in technology, equipment, camo, calls, etc, that the old gobblers still act the same way as described in the this old book 100 years ago. Those old hunters faced the same challenges of a stubborn gobbler that we face today. Some things never change...which is good!

Take it or leave it....Just thought I'd past this along. I enjoy reading this from time to time and admiring what those old schoolers went through chasing these birds. Enjoy!
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