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Me and Alex, my brother (boltaction) and his son Josh arrived friday evening and found the place pretty easy and after a short wait here comes Woody from the woods. After introductions it was time to comeup with a plan of attack for the next morning, so we fired up the grill and threw some venison burgers on and talked about the best positions for eveyone for the next morning. The full moon and warm weather did not look promising but we were going to give it our best. The plan was hashed out as we ate and watched a movie and joked and talked about hunting and fishing.

4:00 am Saturday morning GET UP!!!!!! Woody is allmost finnished cooking breakfast so we all get up shove some food down our throats get dressed and head out the door. The plan was a good one but the deer were not cooperating. My nephew did see a 4 point and some bobcats but couldnt get a shot off at the kitties. :banghead

So time to regroup and eat some quick lunch then of to a pond to do a little fishing. Woody and Josh both caught a bass each and the temp was starting to drop so with hopes that it would get the deer to moving we head back to the trailer to get ready for the evenings attack. We were then joined by a friend of Woody's named Meagan. After assuring her that nothing other than a bobcat or bear would eat her in the woods :shedevil we went on our evening hunt but still to no avail. The kids and Woody went on a ride in the 4 wheeler and jumped a pack of does in the road earlier but of course once everyone had their guns none were to be seen.

So back to the trailer to cook supper and come up with the ultimate plan to flush them out for the kids to take one down. As we cooked venison burgers,bratworst,smoked Conecuh sausage, corn and shrimp kabobs the kids and Meagan palyed games and watched movies and had alot of fun with the alphabet naming States in Alabama. :doh:doh

Later that evening the kids ,Woody and Meagan decided to go mud dobbing in the lakebed and that is anouther story in itself :doh

The next morning a strong storm came through with rain and lightning so we opted to stay in bed for awhile. Around 10:00 we decided to try one last drive before time to head back toward birmingham. While Woody positioned the boys me and Wendell walked all the way top the beginning of the property and played hound dog through the woods and saw-briers hoping to jump them up and run them in the direction of the boys. But alas the deer were not to be found so we headed back to the trailer to clean up and call it a weekend. The deer lived to be hunted again.

I cant say enough about how much I appriciate what Woody is doing. We all had a great time even though we didnt kill anything and hope that Woody will allow us to come back again sometime! The kids are still talking about how much fun they had and it was a pleasant change to get away from the cell phones and the laughs were non stop the whole weekend. Thanks again Woody and I plan on making a Crappie fisherman of you soon!
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