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The Sea Robin need some much needed love by a trained professional. However over the years finding a good mechanic seemed to be tough. It seemed to be that if you wanted excellent service you needed to wait, so I did. Well that seemed to not be the case, repairs were not done correctly, I was forgot about, blah, blah, blah. I just wanted someone who could fix the boat, be reliable, and do it right the first time. After reading inshorecatch's post I gave David a call at Davlor Marine. Best call I have made so far. This man knows his stuff, goes above and beyond, does things right in a timely manner, but still makes sure not to miss anything. I was really impressed with his "system" of going over everything. I can not say enough for him and his work. I know he is busy and is usually out a few weeks, but well worth the wait, and still MUCH faster than others. I recommend Davlor Marine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you see the Sea Robin out on the water she is there because of David. David thanks again for your time and hard work, not to mention all the info I learned. Chaz

<span class="f"><cite>www.[b]davlormarine[/b]
</cite> DOUBLE "D" & LV on the forum
<h2 id="fw-smalltitle">850-777-7303</h2>P.S. I also have the Angler at Kenny Mann's Emerald Coast Marine. So far I am impressed. We will see when she gets back, I'll keep you updated.
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