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If you are not a "Serious" angler and you have not traveled the world over fishing; you may be asking the question, if Venice is so great - why am I just now hearing about it?

ANSWER: There is nothing here... no tourism, no chain retailers, and since the storm (you know the one) the closest grocery store is 25 miles away. The marina is the biggest thing going in Venice... It is larger than the town itself and full of boats of every size.

Most people visit New Orleans for fun, and likely have never heard of Venice because there is not even publicity! Unlike popular tourist destinations like Florida, there is no television budget for Venice to put out all sorts of commercials touting the area.

Venice has remained a quiet fishing town for years. But make no mistake! If you are a serious about having a good time with some offshore blue water fishing, Venice is the place!

Hey, It took the Saints 40 years to make the Super-Bowl, why should the word of fishing spread any faster? Who-Dat!

Catch em Up!
Captain Mike
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