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A couple weeks ago I was torn with the decision on which business or person that I would want to fabricate, flush mount, and run wires for my CC. I had already bought everything needed, just lacked the knowledge and experience to execute the task. I talked to several forum members who offered to help with the install which I was genuinely interested in due to cutting installation costs. However, I still needed someone to cut and bevel the starboard needed to replace the previous compartments.

I made a phone call to Gavin @ The Maintenance Shoppe (TMS) who was eager to take a look at what I had. I brought the boat by on Saturday, talked to Gavin for roughly an hour and quickly realized that this guy knows his sh*t! After looking over pictures in the shoppefrom previous installations on other boats and chatting,I happily unhitched the boat and left it on TMS' lot for the starboard work to be done. Gavin and I had several phone conversations throughout the week, constantly talking about fabrication, electronics, installation, and various other modifications. I realized that I could easily call a buddy with experience and knock out the installation at little to no cost. Wednesday rolled around and I was sold on Gavin's work ethics and eagerness to perform the job. At this point, cost was factor BUT having it done the RIGHT way was the priority. TMS started the job on Thursday, finished on Friday and I was out on the water Saturday! The work performed was not only professional, but TOP NOTCH.

I highly recommend Gavin and his crew at The Maintenance Shoppe for anyone needing advice or workon their vessel! You will not only walk away with a smile from thesuperb service but also with a boat load of confidence that it was done the RIGHT WAY.

Thanks again to the crew at TMS! :bowdown:clap:bowdown
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