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Headed out to the edge Friday around 7:30am. Seas were 1ft or less, so I wasrunning at 30kts, it wasgreat to not be banged around like the last time. (3-4ft seas couple weeks back).

Hit a couple of waypoints I have had and used in the past but not much luck. Caught 2 nice mingo's , couple white snappers, and a baby GaG grouper. Tried trolling for an hour with no luck using a stretch 30. While trolling I came upon a nice spot with the fish finder showing tons of fish. Reeled in the stretch lure and started bottom fishing again with cigar minnows. As soon as the bait hit bottom it was "FISH ON". Caught my limit of Red Snapper in 5 minutes. All that was at this spot were Red Snappers, at least that is all I was bring up. I most have brought 15-20 onboard, broke my heart to throw them back. However I have this spot (honey hole) saved for next season.:clap

The ride back was great also, seas never more than a 1ft and most of the time it was 6in or less. God this is what life is all about, take the day off and going fishing.

Pics to be posted later.



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