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Parents and sister came down from MI and AZ for Thanksgiving week. Managed to get everyone out after some fish. First night me and my dad went out we managed two large mullet, one 19" fish. Second fish was around 15" and buried up in the grass. We were out for just a couple hours.

Second night out we took my mom, wife and little Joe out for a couple hours. Lots of nice tracks, managed two mullet and one 19 or 20" flounder that my dad walked past and the other group spooked, I went on a mission and tracked him down for the one fish for the night. Was a fun trip, got to introduce everyone to gigging and we did find some undersized fish for them to see and one nice stone crab along with lots of other sea life to look at.

Kind of slacking on pics of the first two nights. The third night we went was Thanksgiving night, Matt, his wife Catherine, my sister and dad all went on this trip. We took 4 fish 19-22.5" and one 14" fish that was buried in the grass again. Matt gigged a nice one right away at a spot and we took one mullet there too, no more flatties though. Next spot we gigged the 14" fish, then we didnt see any for a while. On our way back from the last spot we gigged three more nice ones that came in behind us, then it was getting late so had to take off. My dad gigged the 22.5" which was his largest fish to date. Gigged from 930 until 300, when we got back to the house my mom and wife were getting up to go Black Friday shopping, lol.
The story on the biggest flattie. My dad went to gig it and it slid out from under him, he fell in the water, completely filled his waders, lol and pulled the gig off. It was a sight to see, kind of reminded me of the time I gigged my largest fish last year only he didnt break his gig pole in half. It took off in spirals on top of the water past me and Matt then to the bottom it went. It was deep and I only managed one tine in the fin, Matt came over for a headshot and it tore off. Then my dad put one in its head so it was a team effort, but the old man ended up with the prize.

Everyone had a blast gigging!
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