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Had the parents and sister down from MI and AZ for the week, we managed some fun fishing and golfing while they were here.
My dad hooked up some new tires on the cart, wheeleez, woohoo!
He was sick of breaking his back on the cart with the stock wheels I think.

The pompano bite was pretty good on fresh cut shrimp. All trips were on Okaloosa Island. Lots of rays flying around every trip, were cool to watch. First trip Sunday prior to Turkey day was just my pops and me, we found a nice little cut that had some fish in it, there around 130 and out by 400. Caught 4 pompano within the first hour, 1 29" redfish, then the surf died down to nothing and nada.

Second trip we took the whole family to the beach Tuesday evening and the surf was flat calm, managed one short pompano for my sister and sent it back to the drink. Was still a beautiful evening.

Third trip was Black Friday, went in the middle of the day. Caught 3 pomps and a large Whiting within a few hours. I didnt spend too much time moving from spot to spot, we were just relaxin catching a few fish enjoying some cold ones.

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