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Hey all,

I made the journey from Overland Park, KS down to Destin to spent some time with my family over Thanksgiving. Spent at least part of every day on the water, except for Thanksgiving Day itself. Here are some pics!

Got the OK rigged up for a little salty excursion.

Foggy sunrise over the Ozarks.

Day 1. 26" Trout slams a Gulp New Penny Shrimp. Lived to fight another day.

Day 1, Continued. My first red. What a thrill! Get bigger, little fella.

Day 1, Continued. Dad and little brother came out after work/school. Kayak Regatta!

Day 2. Little Brother and I on the Destin Princess, headed out to catch some whoppers!

Day 2. Little brother with a whopper! AJ SLAMMED a live pin. "Woah. WOAH. Take the rod from me!" says the little brother. "Get that damn fish in the boat, and don't you lose that rod!" says me.

Day ? Little brother's friend with a nice endangered red snapper. Notice the bowed up rod in the picture. SOOOO endangered, those reds are...

Chilly ride in at 40 mph.

Dad looked at me like I was crazy when I told him I wanted to catch reds on one of my bass rods. Until...

In the slot!

Little bro with a nice little drum.

Sheepie McFatterson.

Top 'o the slot. You Florida folks get way too sissy in 60 degree weather. 60 in November is cutoff weather. Sorry 'bout the elbow to the noggin, little brother.

Man...I wish we had sunsets like this in Kansas.

Just for fun... little guy would probably slap me in the beans while I sleep if he knew I posted this... Apparently he drank too much out on the 'yak.
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