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Just wanted to say Thank you to everyone for the great year we have had on the forum. Coming home and opening up the PFF has been a much needed stress relief at times. Whether it was the Thought provoking topics, the delightful arguments, Or the great reports that made ya feel like you were there on board also......All in all, 2007 was a great PFF year. I have watched this thing come along way since that first PM from Chris to come check out "this new site" on 4-23-04. There were 5 of us that joined PFF that very first day including Chris and now I see the membership says almost 2300. I have heard folks say "well it ain't what it used to be"...well, ya know what.....maybe it ain't, BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS !!!!!! I equate it to the bays around here. Yea, it ain't what it used to be BUT it is in all of our blood so we keep hittin' it day after day wondering what today will be like.:bowdown

Anyways,I just wanted to tell EVERYONE(whether you had 1 post or 1000), thanks for being a part of my daily routine.:bowdown:bowdown.

I hope to see and meet all of you in 2008.

Y'all have a great New years eve and PLEASE be careful. I will be on the ambulance all night New years please help make my night a slow one:angel

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