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Thanks Matt (Ocean Man)

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I don't know what Matt paid for his GPS, but it is worth a lot more with the coordinates he has it it. Matt told the forum the story in this post But, I just got to tell y'all the rest of the story.

Lamar and I drove to Pcola from Houston, Tx. that Friday morning. We were all worried about the wind conditions for the weekend and thinking we would only get in bay fishing this trip. Just as we cross the Florida state line the cell phone rings and Matt has a plan. As soon as we get to Pcola we are going to load out for a night trip. The 9 hours we had just drove evaporated and we were pumped for the rest of the way to Pcola.

So we get to Matt's house and load the boat, hook the boat to my truck, do a light check on the trailer, and no lights:banghead:banghead. Now we break out the flashlights and start trouble shooting. "Gee the leftlight worked last night", "Let's check the adapter plug on the truck", "Anyone got a multimeter", "is Wal-Mart still open", "Let's just tape on these flashlights with something red over the lens". As the flashlights were being secured to the trailer frame, Lamar and I were shaking our heads. In Texas this crap won't flush but Florida seems to be pretty relaxed on trailer lighting. In fact, one night we saw someone whose trailer lights were not working so he just turned on the running lights on the boat.:doh. Matt backs the boat out of his yard and I drive it to the ramp.

We get to the ramp and it was quiet with only one boat coming out. It sure seemed like a good time for me to practice backing the boat in. To put this in contex, I was in a truck with 3 expert boat backer-uppers. I should have known something when none of them got out to guide me back. For the next 5 minutes or so I got a lot of encouragement to do better but no leason on how to do it.

Their laughing and good natured ribbing was interupted by a fellow from the boat pulling out. He motioned us to put the window down andthen in a loud slurring voice asked "Ya want me to back itin for ya?". You could have heard a pin drop as the 3 experts in the truck were holding their breath to try to keep from laughing. I distinctly remember the smell of rotten eggs the whole time we were talking to the drunk.

So I said to the drunk"No thanks. I'm learning how to back a boat down and needed to practice".Which went right overhis head as he said "I'll beglad to back it down for you".I repeat myself saying I'd never get to practice if everyone keeps doing it for me. Then he asks ME"Are you drunk". Now the 3 experts are letting out little giggles that eventuallygets the drunk looking at them. After a moment of uncomfortable silence the drunk finially gets the message and wonders off.:blownaway Probably to take a leak. 5more minutes of practicing and I throw in the towel. It was hard to concentrate with all the laughing (at the drunk) going on anyway. Lamar backs the boat down pretty as you please. By the way, 2 days later Lamar gives me a 15 second tutorial and I did the next 3 back downs like I knew what I was doing.:moon

After a little fuss with the bow running light we are off. Once we got out of the pass we evaluate the conditions a pick the Liberty ship for the war. Matt warned us that the Liberty gets fished pretty hard and not to expect too much. Fortunately his prediction was not to be that night. We get anchored up and Lamar has the first 2 and biggestsnappers in the boxbefore the rest of us get our hooks wet. We fished with croaker, squid, and cut bait. I limited outusing the squid but I had to cull from a lot of shorties. As time went on nothing but shorts were coming up and we called it a trip. When our heads hit the pillow, Lamar and I had been up over 24 hours.

Thanks Matt for going the extra mile to get us on the fish. And thanks to my brother James for feast that came later that day.:grouphug

I'll be back....
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Iwas goodto hear the rest of the story. I still wishsomeone got pictures of the trailer with the flashlights attached with the red cloth. It would be classic ******* material. :poke I'm not so sure that the DOT in FL would think it was ok, but at least you got away with it.:clap That did look like a good spread of food, makes me hungry.
Your welcome to come on over and go out with us anytime you want Lonnie, we enjoy having you on the boat. Hopefully next time everything will go a little smoother, waves included.
"3 expert boat backer-uppers". Sounds like a good Budwiser Men of Genius commercial. Sounds like fun was had by all.
I was the drunk :poke and I wasn't really drunk. Jus poking fun atcha, and yeah I did have to go pea; almost pead on myself laughing soooo hard at such a sight. Wish I'd had my :takephoto

Bu, hey, we have all been there at some time or other. Glad you hung in there and now backing lika a pro.
Nice to meet you Fishhound. The term "drunk" was a slight exaggeration to make a good story better. I am a fisherman after all. I did provide a lot of entertainment to any spectators that night. Glad you did not pee in your pants and I'm really glad none of the 3 experts in my truck craped their pants. It would have been a long drive to Houston smelling that. I'll buy you a beer next time I see ya:letsdrink

Good story. We've all been there with the trailering - glad you guys had a good time.
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