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Thank you Chad Cherry!!

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Late last year I was lucky enough to win 60% off a professional skull mount drawing offered by Mr Cherry. Figured I would never use it but the next week got permission to hunt on a (very) small tract of land in alabama. Right before Christmas I killed this buck with my bow while sitting on the ground - one of my most exciting hunts ever!! Took the head to mr cherry and even got a tour of his super cool but slightly macabre beetle coffin where animal heads go in but only skulls come out! mr Cherry has a top notch operation and has some really cool skulls from several different animals and reptiles! I have done a few DIY skull mounts but none of them ever looked this good!!! An added bonus is this mount doesn't have that funky boiled brain smell that all mine have !! Thanks again Chad. - this thing is beautiful!!

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Good looking bone!!!
Loved the selfie, Try'n. Mr. Cherry did a great job for you. :notworthy:
I like it Kev... I think I saw that one when I picked up mine....
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