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Due to the oil spill over in the East Gulf, there has been some talk of captains from over there coming over here to Texas to try to salvage their season.

Considering that we have Surfside Marina, Gulf Coast, Bridge Harbor, Kirby Marina, and now the new Freeport Municipal Marina that just opened, I would say come on over to Freeport - there's PLENTY of room!

This goes for ALL CFH captains - forget the SOS or any other arguments - this situation has put things in perspective, and one thing is for sure - we need to stand together and support each other in this crisis.

If they close your fishing grounds, there's still a lot of good fishing to be had over here - come on over! If the fishing grounds are not totally closed, as over in Venice, we need to support those captains over there as they need all the help they can get (so don't cancel your charters).

Also, maybe some of the East Gulf tournaments can relocate to the West Gulf for this one season to get them through this ordeal (assuming we escape any major effects of the spill)....

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