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Jan 15th inshore fishing report

It got downright cold out this weekend, but that wasn’t going to stop me from getting out on the water to get my fishing fix. My wife was nice enough to give up her day off to take me out for a fun day of trout fishing and red fish scouting. We had a hankering for some tasty seafood for dinner tonight, so we hit the bridge for fresh white trout.

We didn’t stay at the bridge long, just long enough to get a few in the live well for dinner. We had a few friends that hung out around the boat begging for a free meal; they looked like ordinary pelicans, but they might have been seagulls in disguise for all we know, and isn’t it a little known fact that seagulls just love to eat trout?

After making our escape from the undercover seagulls, we made our way down to the West and then headed out of the pass to sight fish the reds in the shallows. We found a nice school of fish, but they weren’t interested in our offerings. They were very skittish and after 15 minutes or so we pulled up the Minn Kota and headed back to the pass. The tide was coming in and I decided to drift the ledges with small live baits and artificials. The bite started out slow; we made a few drifts and got no bites, but I had a feeling that we were going to hit the jackpot soon, and I’m glad I stuck to my guns.

It was our 4th drift and I looked over at Gina, who was bowed up! Her right wrist was actually very sore from reeling in the trout from earlier, so she handed the first red to me. After she helped me net the 29 inch beast, we took a pic, and let him loose.

She is very competitive, and so when the next one bent her rod, she would not turn it over to me. She fought this one like a pro, and we had our 2nd red for the day. I caught the next fish, although this time it was a squirrelfish! Not to be outdone, Gina hooked up another just barely over-sized redfish. We drifted this area for a little while longer, caught one more redfish each, and then decided to head back, as she was getting cold.

What a woman! We went up to Blackwater last Monday for some flats fun, and then today went out to Pensacola Bay for white trout and scouted the gulf a bit for redfish. Despite the cold weather and the slow start in the pass, we ended up with 5 reds, 1 squirrelfish, and a belly full of delicious white trout.
Tight Lines.. Capt. John
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