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Surf fishing in August

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Good morning from Ohio

I will be renting a house on Santa Rosa the last week of August and could use help with a few answers. After reading several Gulf fishing boards this seems to be the best informed and has a great attitude on helping (tourist) fisheman like me.

First do I need a license to fish the surf and at what age do they apply?

Are there any specks around at that time on the sound side in the weedbeds , I plan on doing some wade fishing. Do I need a license or permit to do alittle crabbing? Is there a bait fish tank on the pier (Pensacola) for community bait from cast net? Do they allow a cast net on the Pier?

I apoligize for asking so much at once but am used to fishing Hatteras area and don't want to assume anything right off the bat.
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Thanks much for the info. Tight lines
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