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Down from Texas and looking to do some fishing. Any tips would help! Brought a pole down but will probably need to buy one along with tackle. Just a hog hunter from central Texas so I know nothing about Florida! But do wish Texas had Florida beaches.. 馃槱馃槀

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Best let someone from behind the counter of any of the local tackleshops walk through with you and pick out what you need. Those guys do it all the time for all the tourists and will set you in the right direction really quick.

Get out there early/late for whiting, pompano, etc... Pick you up some fresh dead shrimp and keep it cold and on ice and then some shrimp flavored fish bites. Peel the shrimp before putting it on the hook!! Good luck out there.

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And bring some spoons, cant go wrong.
The trick is finding a good rip spot with good access and not a butt load of people. As long as it looks like rain, you should be okay, lol.
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