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Sunday- slow and breezy

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Wife, daughter and I loaded up kayaks and headed to Naval Live Oaks to start out. Gulf Breeze B&t had live shrimp, so things looked pretty promising. Blowing hard when we unloaded. It was a matter of paddle fifteen minutes for a five minute drift. Wife caught a decent speck, and I caught a hard head. I have caught more slime-prickle demons this summer than ever before. I believe there are hard heads living in the bushes outside my front door! We loaded up and went down to Navarre. Blowing even harder. We fished around some reliable docks, but pinfish ate us up. My wife hooked something pretty good- probably a red- but hook pulled and off it went. After that, we ran out of shrimp and came home. It was very good just getting on the water- Good fishing to all- Ed Mashburn
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I took my new Yak out this morning just for a test run. I went out behind the Holley by the Sea rec center and the were fish popping all over. I of coarse did not bring a rod. Maybe next weekend I'll load up the gear.
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