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I wanted to take my girlfriends younger brother fishing so we headed out this morning in hopes of stretching a line. We arrived at Pickens gateat 9:30(pretty late start) to find beautiful water and weather. Set out 3 rods with fresh shrimp and crossed our fingers. A little after 10 we got our first hit. It was a nice little pomp 12.5 inches which was Matts first pomp and one of the biggest fish he's ever caught. What made it even more special was that I showed Matt how to tie his own rig, and the rig he tied was the one that caught his fish. Perfect! Unfortunately, that was it for the day. I think we just got there too late in the morning and we didn't stay for the evening bite. The trip was still a success, because we had fun and Matt caught a nice fish. Here's Matt's fish:

Congrats again buddy. Tight lines, everybody.

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