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I have not posted any reports lately because of being dog tired from fishing my butt off and I've seem to have lost another camera. The wife is not happy with me. Fishing is still good with limits of amberjack and grouper every trip with a few odds and ends. I got to fish with my buddy Zac and some new friends on Sunday and Monday. They sent me some pictures so I decided to post a couple reports. Well the storm has really slowed my grouper bite down but we just have to try a little harder to get a limit and Sunday was no different. We were going to do an overnight trip but some boat issues did not let us stay out overnight. So, we ran for a one day bottom fishing trip. Left Destin with a few wigglers in the well and headed out in a rough sea. Got the heck beat out of us, but the crew was tough as nails and laughed at the challenge. Got a limit of jacks and then headed to the grouper grounds and the boys started whipping the grouper like they were bream fishing. It's so nice to see some good ol boys put a smack down on those fish. Zac has turned into a grouper killing machine in only a few trips. Makes my job easy. Had to stop them from fishing to get a count. Final tally was

5 amberjacks
4 almacos
3 kings
1 blackfin
21 grouper(had to throw one over the side)
1 wahoo

Seas got flat calm so we ran home with smiles and cold drinks. What a great day with some good friends and great times. Life is good, Don't you think. Thanks Zac and my new friends for letting me tag along. I had a great time as always. I look forward to our next trip. Everyone get out there before the cold fronts shuts us down for days on end and we have to sit in those dang old cold treestands. Oh, look out deer, I need some red meat to go with my fish.

Captain Delynn Sigler
Offshore/Deepsea Fishing Guide
(850)689-3111 Hm/Office
(850)758-2165 Cell


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