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Sun AM EOP report with pics

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Got to the beach around 630-7 and set up. Stopped by GBBT to grab a container of frozen fleas and shrimp (no live bait in stock). Morning was quickly warming up and the breeze was just enough to notice. The surf was flat and crystal clear. Set five outfits up and got to rakin'. Found enough live fleas to have gone all day but nothing was taking the bait anyway, not even crabs. Absolutely beautiful day weather wise.

Acouple cool notes. I caught about 8 baby flounder while hunting fleas and took a pic for yall. At one point there was a very large mass of birds sitting on a school of baitfish, I was hoping that some action would come my way and was intently focused on the flock when all of the sudden something hit the top of the water (from below) with a good splash then all the birds took off instantly. After a little bit a bunch of feathers came floating by with bits of avian mass suspended in a brownish cloud.

Here are a few pics that show how nice it was.

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