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Stuffed "Piney Rooter" Tenderloin **DANG**

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Got a buddy that killed 4 hogs over the weekend, and I was fortunate enough to receive 2 of the Tenderloins.........So here we go.

Peel clean the tenderloin slicing one into two pieces, or two into four pieces, each should be less than 12" long. With a sharp fillet knife cut a hole from one end to the other through the centeron each piece. Now take a presized piece of Conecuh Smoked Sausage (Baby Link), Kelley's is WAY tooFATTY, Conecuh seems to seasonmuch better,and stuff it in the little hole in the tenderloin until it makes it to the other end, repeat this on each piece of tender loin. Now you should have each piece of tenderloin with a center piece of smoked sausage down the center. Season the Tenderloin and place on the Grill (BGE if you have the means). Cook the tenderloin by turning it a quarter turn until it is done on each of the four sides. As you make the last or third turn dizzle your favorite pancake syrup or Honey over the top and close the grill, shortly later turn the heat off and allow to sit.

Toast your favorite type of bread, we used Italian Bagettes. Coleslaw is a Great side to consider.

Now take the Finished porkloins from the Grill surface and place on cutting board. Slice as thin as you can or like, thinner is better to me. Each slice will have the apperance of a donut or white meat around a dark round center, which is the sausage. Top the toasted roll with the thinly slice porkloin and dress with that "Killer Mustard" that Splittine gets from some guy (The stuff is Incredible). UNREAL.

My two boys destroyed a really nice porkloin, and Tonya likeittoo. Never frozen by the way just plain wild, killed, cleaned, cookedand ate. .

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Jason (3/8/2010)
Splittine (3/8/2010)How bout some pics GARBO. know better then to tease us then leave us hanging:moon I wonder ifin the onion sauce from the resturant would tast good on it?????:letsdrink:letsdrink:letsdrink
Might but it was all eaten the next day fer dinner. Im on a head hunt for some more.
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