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I was 16, hunting by myself and had a long walk up a ridge road in the dark to get back to the truck. I was walking slowly with the rifle ready. I stepped on a small twig that snapped. Apparently a gobbler had roosted about 10' above me. I didnt see him and he didnt see me but boy when that twig snapped the devil himself went flying through the woods as he pinballed off every tree. If you dont know, turkeys are bad fliers and loud as all get out in the dark and when spooked. I screamed and cussed for a few minutes until I regained my composure.

Secondly, our old house was haunted by a little girl. She was not malicious or out to scare us, I would just see her from time to time in a room or down the hallway. Some people think I am nuts and others believe it. But hey it is what it is.
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